1. Integrity needs common values more than common procedures (paper published on research europe 2013.pdf)
    (Paper by Nicole Foeger, published in Research Europe, 18 July 2013, p. 8.)
  1. Link to Office for Research Integrity – University of Alaska (us office of research integrity _ authorship.pdf)
    This webpage provides an overview on the policy on authorship of the Office for Research Integrity of the University of Alaska
  1. Reflections on Teaching RCR at an U.S. Engineering Institution (speech by jason borenstein – wcri montreal – 2013.pdf)
    (This paper has been presented by Jason Borenstein (Graduate Research Ethics Program, Ivan Allen College) at the 3rdWorld Conference on Research Integrity (Singapore, 2013))
  1. Training and Research Integrity in China (training research integrity in china.pdf)
    (The document concerning Training and Education about Research Integrity contains a perspective from Peking University Health Centre (PUHC))
  1. Training and Research Integrity in Germany (training research integrity in germany.pdf)
    (This paper has been presented by Helga Nolte (Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf Germany) at the 3rd World Conference on Research Integrity (Singapore, 2013).)