As a network of networks, ENERI brings together researchers and other relevant stakeholders from two important fields: Research Ethics (RE) and Research Integrity (RI). ENERI started in 2016 as a three-year Horizon 2020 project. The project ended in 2019, but the network of networks is still alive and is a great support for the RE and RI community in exchanging, collaborating, and joining forces. For the latest information from the RE and RI community, please check out our News section.

What is here for me?

The ENERI e-Community has been set up as a permanent platform to facilitate better communication and collaboration. You will also find practical recommendations and tools for researchers, research ethics committees and research integrity offices developed during the project, in particular the RI Handbook, RE&RI manual and the Decision Tree. In addition, online training options are available in the ENERI classroom.

The vibrant community, in cooperation with other EU-funded projects, continues to work on further improving the tools and guidelines after the official end of the project.