Key results of the ENERI Stakeholder Workshop

ENERI endeavours to create a new culture for RE and RI by achieving an active exchange of experiences among the existing networks and between various stakeholders.  The ENERI stakeholder workshop in Athens, held in September 2017, was an important step in a sequence of activities to establish a sustained platform of exchange of various actors from academies, universities, journalism, scientific journals, RECs, RIOs and funding organisations.

Here are some Key results of the ENERI Stakeholder Workshop:

  • Bad practice results in bad science. A culture of good practice in RE and RI has to be established. The main criteria should therefore be transparency and trust.
  • More exchange between RECs and RIOs is needed. Stronger EU harmonisation could help, but cultural differences cannot be ignored. They are given and will stay. A collaborative approach with input from all stakeholders is needed, in order to have guidelines that are broadly applicable, flexible and fit for all interests.
  • The different stakeholders came to the conclusion that the following skills constitute expertise in RE/RI: scientific literacy, awareness/understanding/interest in ethical principles/issues, diversity in backgrounds, assessment skills (benefits, risks, societal challenges), mediation/deliberation/decision-making skills, awareness of societal/cultural differences.
  • An open EU database of RE and RI experts could be very helpful. Certification is needed, but it should be a personally issued certification related to one’s portfolio/CV.
  • Initial training for committee/board members is the most important training, and should be a priority. For members of research ethics committees there are already established training schemes, but for members of ethics committees in the humanities and social sciences and for research integrity board members there is not much available, and this is the area where the ENERI project can make a true contribution in developing modules.

For a detailed summary of the results please read the full Report of the ENERI Stakeholder Workshop.