The ENERI CLASSROOM – our training and capacity building resource

We created a special website just for training materials. You can find our classroom here.

Main target groups

  • research integrity advisory boards, committees handling allegations or working with research integrity policy development, research integrity officers and advisors, research integrity ombudspersons (RIOs)
  • research ethics committees including their members and their secretariats (RECs) and
  • experts and officers in EU-bodies.

Aim of the material

Provide training materials for these target groups, which mainly lack training resources tailored to their needs. The material can be used with the help of a facilitator to maximize interaction and feedback, but it can also be used independently for competence development.

Material on the Embassy of Good Science

Educational scenarios

The EnTIRE project has developed eight educational scenarios that are available on the Embassy of Good Science. The scenarios can be accessed via the educational resources section and cover the following topics:

Research integrity cases

Research integrity cases that could potentially be integrated into trainings can be found on the resources page of the Embassy of Good Science.