The ENERI e-Community – all RE and RI experts are welcome to join!

In order to make exchange and networking for research integrity (RI) and research ethics (RE) experts as easy as possible, ENERI has established the ENERI e-Community. The database is integrated in SINAPSE, a free public service of the European Commission. The e-Community  simplifies building strong network ties among its members and is a space for:

  • discussion and exchange,
  • sharing of information, documents and links,
  • exchange of training material and cases.

The e-Community already counts more than 165 RE and RI experts, with different skills, knowledge and expertise, like:

  • local and national RIO and REC members;
  • researchers with knowledge in RE and/or RI;
  • editors and publishers;
  • individuals with national/EU project evaluation/review experience;
  • RE/RI university teachers; research funders; RE/RI communication trained individuals;
  • specialists in constitutional law / applied ethics / philosophy / social science / psychology / economy / criminology;
  • practitioner network members (e.g. ENRIO, EUREC);
  • RE/RI policy experts.

For participation in the e-Community, experience in RE and RI is most important. But experts should also have knowledge in ethics or philosophy and to a lesser extent legal knowledge. Experts should be personally committed, open-minded people with analytical minds.

Join the e-Community

Do you want to bring in your expertise and exchange with other RE&RI experts? Then join the ENERI e-Community! Please send an email to Panagiotis Kavouras ( He will provide you with further information for registration.