The expert-database of RE- and RI-experts is designed as a broad, multidisciplinary and inclusive approach. RI/RE expertise includes general expert competences of relevant formal education and recognized, profound practical experience in RI/RE. Soft and emotional skills, such as open mindedness and the ability to discuss in a multidisciplinary fashion are also criteria for the inclusion of an expert in the database. Hence, the approach includes different types of experts: experts with an “omnibus” function; local and national RIO’s, researchers in RE/RI; medical researchers; REC members; editors; publishers; individuals with national/EU project evaluation/review experience; RE/RI university teachers; research funders; RE/RI communication trained individuals; specialists in constitutional law/applied ethics/philosophy/social science/psychology/economy/criminology; practitioner network members (e.g. ENRIO, EUREC); RE/RI policy experts.

The database is integrated in SINAPSE, a free public service of the European Commission. SINAPSE is a web communication platform offering tools to promote a better use of expertise in EU policy making and governance (networking of advisory bodies, support to expert groups, ad-hoc/public consultations and e-debates, etc.). SINAPSE allows the creation of “e-Communities” which enables groups of members and organisations with a common interest to share and exchange information in a dedicated environment which can be graphically personalised and linked to the initiator website.