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The “European Network of Research Ethics and Research Integrity” (ENERI) is a project that aims to improve the exchange between experts in the fields of research ethics and research integrity. To this end the ENERI e-Community is established as a permanent platform that enables better communication and cooperation. As well for practical guidance recommendations and tools for researchers, research ethics committees and research integrity offices are developed, for instance the Recommendations for the Investigation of Research Misconduct and the RE&RI manual. On top of that online training options will be made available.

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about research ethics & research Integrity

Research Ethics
What is research ethics? Research ethics addresses the application of ethical principles or values ...
Research Integrity
What is research integrity? Research integrity is recognized as the attitude and habit of the rese...
National RE and RI infrastructure
Here you can find lists of the National Infrastructure of Research Ethics and Research Integrity: R...
Codes, guidelines and recommendations
The ENERI Project collected various codes, guidelines and recommendations, both national and interna...
List of online training options
The ENERI partners developed a compendium of research ethics and integrity training materials openly

The ENERI consortium

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Recent Posts

Final conference
May 27, 2019
ENERI final conference, 28/29 October 2019, Brussels At its FINAL CONFERENCE the EU-funded Horizon2020 project ENERI will bring together leading ethics experts...
WCRI 2019: active involvement of ENERI
September 13, 2019
ENERI was actively involved in the 6th World Conference on Research Integrity in Hong Kong (WCRI) from 2-5 June 2019. ENERI partners, together with ENRIO, prese...
ENERI and ENRIO published RI Handbook
March 31, 2019
The ENERI consortium, in close cooperation with ENRIO, has just published the Handbook of Recommendations for the investigation of research misconduct. For mor...
Meeting of the REC/RIO Policy Group
March 30, 2019
The European representatives of RECs (EUREC) and RIOs (ENRIO) as part of ENERI met in Prague (March 26, 2019) to form a REC/RIO policy group. The group decided to improve the exchange of perspectives and experiences and to enhance their cooperation.
2nd ENERI Newsletter
November 10, 2018
The second ENERI Newsletter has just been released. Click here to download it. It contains information about the background and main objectives of ENERI, the B...
Upcoming – 6th World Conference on Research Integrity
October 15, 2018
The 6th World Conference on Research Integrity is about to take place on 2-5 June 2019, in Hong Kong. For more information, please visit the official site of t...
ENERI Boot Camp for RECs is under way
October 10, 2018
Planning of the ENERI Boot Camp for Research Ethics Committees. Following the successful organization of the 1st ENERI Boot Camp for Research Integrity Offices...
4th ENERI mini Consensus Conference
May 16, 2018
The 4th ENERI mini Consensus Conference will be held in Vilnius, at 27 June 2018. The event will be hosted by the Vilnius University.

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